Waist Beads

We put a Bourgeois Bohemians twist on the traditional African waist beads by incorporating natural precious & semi precious gems. Waist beads are a symbol of femininity and sensuality. They can and have been used as a natural waist trainer; getting tight if there is weight gain and getting looser with weight loss. By incorporating natural gems in our waist beads, the healing properties from the stones aid to balance the Sacral Chakra from which all emotions stem.

Waist Beads can be worn no matter your shape or size. We add a lobster clasp or toggle so that you can easily transform them into a double or triple wrap necklace.

Ensure when taking your measurements, you measure from under the belly button to the small of your back. You can also wear the beads directly around your torso area. Please ensure measurements are exact as we design to size. Don’t delay, order yours today!