About A Bourgeois Bohemians

Established on July 28, 2016 and inspired by the love and warmth of the Tropics, Bourgeois Bohemians formed to create jewelry that energizes the Chakras while promoting spiritual well being. All of our natural stones & precious gems are handpicked and carefully chosen. Our gem selection is based on its vibrational frequency as each one is known for cultivating and replenishing depleted energies in the chakras. All of our natural leather  products are designed of the best cowhides available on the market. We scavenge the corners of the globe to incorporate the best all natural products we can find and know you will feel the love infused in each stitch, hand knot and placement of gems.  
Bourgeois Bohemians  

 Our Creative Process

Before we begin work, we ensure that our workspace is free from any negative energy or emotional clutter. We ensure that our spirits are light, and there is love in our hearts. Our hope is that the love and positive energy infused into each unique piece will transfer to the wearer, manifesting in a global movement that radiates love from our spirits to the next. We believe that this will allow our clients to live in the spirit of a true Bourgeois Bohemian by Being True, Being You and Being Free......Unapologetically!

The Bourgeois Brand 

Bourgeois Bohemians xoxobb 

Why the name Bourgeois Bohemians you ask? Well we believe in being unapologetic for your Lifestyle, Values, & Beliefs. We believe in being True to yourself and your individuality. All of our pieces mimics this notion, which is why no piece is replicated. Each design is unique in its own way and inspired by an event, concept or occurrence in nature.  
 Bourgeois Bohemians is a lifestyle that entails traveling, arts, philanthropy, enviormental responsibility and spreading love. We love the beach and the clarity the Ocean brings. We daydream, love hard, work hard and play even harder. We vibrate on a frequency of serenity & love which is what each custom-made piece embodies. We believe that the spirit has no color or gender & that we are all connected energies. Handcrafted with positive energy and love, our collection allows the wearer to live in the true spirit of being a Bourgeois Bohemian!!
We are Lovers. Lovers of people , animals, and nature. We are Healers , Truth Seekers & Artists.👨‍🎨 We speak from our hearts & listen with our souls. We are passionate about our beliefs, but we are also open to others ideas. We appreciate the simple things in life but have an undeniable habit of gravitating towards the finer ones. We are simple but have various layers of complexity when probed. We walk in the light and illuminate the path as we go.
We are Bourgeois Bohemians!